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To honour our In Search of Takumi series, we have partnered with Sky Arts on a competition where we celebrate the 5 Takumi crafts of metal, leather, glass, wood and paper. Simply upload a photo of your selected craft (which can be your actual craft or a drawing or design of your craft) and a winner will be chosen by our independent panel of craft masters!

We will be highlighting a craft and their Takumi craft master for each week, but you can submit any craft of choice throughout the promotional period. Terms and conditions apply.



Example of paper crafts include: origami, papier mache, cutting, quilling and book binding. Home projects might include paper flowers, homemade cards, scrapbooks, collages and garlands.

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Takumi is an ancient Japanese concept and tradition that expresses the essence of artisan craftsmanship. And it’s what underpins our entire production process. Our Takumi master craftsmen all have highly refined senses, and have undergone exacting training over many years. Committed to the best results, they continue to give their time, spending as long as it takes to create exceptional vehicles and amazing experiences, fusing traditional techniques with modern technologies. Each Lexus Takumi master craftsman has at least a quarter century of experience. Together, they bring their unparalleled skill, knowledge and intuition to every stage of the car-making process.

In Search of Takumi  is a series of five films that draw parallels between the fine Takumi craftsmanship in Lexus cars and highly skilled artisans in the UK. Each episode focused on a different Lexus car and material with an expert British craftsperson creating a bespoke piece inspired by the design of the vehicle, and crafted from the material featured within it.



Clare Pentlow has been cutting paper for a decade, creating amazingly intricate works of paper art. Clare initially studied textiles at university, but began working with paper on an origami project and she was almost immediately hooked: “I just fell in love with all the different styles, textures, weights”, she says.

Her passion for paper art continued to grow after leaving university. Without the availability of a laser cutter, she started cutting and folding everything by hand. Needless to say, to Clare a sheet of paper is so much more than just a sheet of paper. Clare now has a studio in Coventry in the Midlands, a region of the UK that has a long history of making, from shoemaking and leather making in Northamptonshire, to car manufacturing in the West Midlands.

The Lexus UX 250h influenced not only the design of Clare’s paper art, but also the specific material that she used: Washi paper. The texture of the car’s dashboard is inspired by Washi, the grained paper used for the shoji sliding screens found in traditional Japanese homes. The way Washi is made had a profound influence on the piece itself, as Clare explains: “It’s made from a particular type of plant fibre that is then washed in the mountains and then hung up to dry. Visually, there was something magical to me about all these layers of paper moving around in the wind.”